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Course Outline (c/o Dept of Literature)

A. Clearing the Space
Background and Context of Philippine Literatures:
The Development of Philippine Literatures from
Precolonial Times to the Present Times

B. Imaging the Filipino Man
1. To the Man I Married by Angela Manalang Gloria
2. Mill of the Gods by Estrella Alfon
3. Si Richard Gomez at Ang Mito ng Pagkalalaki
by Rolando Tolentino
4. Pagkat Lalaki Ka by Michael Coroza
5. The Spouse by Luis Dato

C. Imaging the Filipino Woman
1. Alunsina and Tungkunglangit
2. Ang Babaeng Nangarap ng Gising
3. Babaeng Namumuhay ng Mag-isa
4. Babae Ka
5. A Gentle Subversion: The adolescent girl in the short fiction of Filipino Women (Hidalgo, 1998)

6. Order for Masks by Virginia Moreno (1954)
7. The Virgin by Kerima Polotan Tuvera (1952)
8. The Bird by Tita Ayala Lacambra (1984)

D. Representing the Filipino Family
1. Claudia and Her Mother by Rolando Tinio
2. Breaking Through by Myrna Pena Reyes
3. Mats by Francisco Arcellana
4. Sadness Collector by Merlinda Bobis
5. Family Rites by Rosario Cruz Lucero
6. The Chiefest Mourner by Aida Rivera Ford (1957)
7. Coming to Grief by Ophelia A. Dimalanta

E. Exploring Filipino Traditions
1. The God Stealer by. F. Sionil Jose
2. The Wedding Dance by Amador Daguio
3. The White Horse of Ali- Mig Alvarez- Enriquez
4. May Day Eve by Nick Joaquin
5. May Buhay sa Looban by Pedro Dandan

F. Discovering Love and the Filipino
1. Patalim by Cirilo Bautista
2. Pag-Ibig sa Tinubuang Lupa by Andres Bonifacio
3. Laji 97- translated by Florentino Hornedo
4. Bihirang Masulat ang Kaligayahan by Rebecca Anonuevo
5. Bonsai by Edith Tiempo
6. I Have Begrudged the Years by Angela Manalang Gloria
7. A Kind of Burning by O. A. Dimalanta
8. Ang Pusang Itim by Cirilo Bautista
9. Snail by Conchitina Cruz

G. Looking at War and the Filipino
1. Sayonara by Edith Tiempo
2. Now and at the Hour by Aida Rivera Ford
3. People in the War by Gilda Cordero Fernando
4. From Comfort Woman: Slave of Destiny by Ma Rosa Henson
5. Cholera and the Emergence of American Sanitary Order in the Philippines by Reynaldo Ileto
6. A Wilderness of Sweets by Gilda Cordero Fernando

H. Exploring the Filipino Humor
1. My Father Goes to Court by Carlos Bulosan
2. My Own Theory of Devolution by Jessica Zafra
3. Ang Paksa Ko Kababayan by Ben Villar Condino
4. My Brother’s Peculiar Chicken by Alejandro Roces

I Interrogating Gender Relations and the Filipino
1. The Other Woman by Norma Miraflor
2. Dead Stars by Paz Marquez Benitez
3. The Conversion by J. Neil Garcia
4. The Small Key by Paz Latorena
5. From Hanggang Dito na Lamang at Maraming Salamat- Orlando Nadres
6. Tales of Love and Power in Over A Cup of Ginger Tea: Conversations on the Literary Narratives of Filipino Women (Hidalgo, 2006)
7. Servant Girl by Estrella Alfon
8. Mist by Joy Dayrit (1997)
9. Welostit by Romina Gonzales (1997)

J. Representing Death and the Filipino
1. Si Lola Isyang at Ang Matandang Puno ng Kaimito- Cherry Lou Navarro
2. Death and the Merchant of Istfahan- Anthony Tan
3. Ghost – Connie Jan Maraan
4. You Can Choose Your Afterlife- Eric Gamalinda
5. Tita Aida: Geographies of Suffering- Martin Manalanan IV

K. Exploring Class Relations in the Philippines
1. Bread of Salt by NVM Gonzales
2. Rice by manuel Arguilla
3. from Canal de Reina- Liwayway Arceo
4. Isang Dipang Langit by Amado V. Hernandez
5. Children of the City – Amadis Ma. Guerero

L. Discovering Philippine Aesthetics
1. Romancing the Malong: From Cradle to Crypt- Cristine Godinez Ortega
2. Four Values in Filipino Drama and Film by Nicanor Tiongson
3. Nina’s Ascent to the Universe by Jose Wendell Capili
4. What Poetry Does Not Say- Ophelia Dimalanta
5. Poem 10: First a Poem Must be Magical- Jose Garcia Villa
6. I Think, Yes, A Leopard in Dufy Blue Would
7. I Have Observed Pink Monks Eat Blue Raisins
8. The Emperor’s New Sonnet
9. The, Bright, Centipede
10. Mostly Are We Mostless
11. In Picasso You See Blue, Rose And The
By Jose Garcia Villa
12. Moth by G. Burce Bunao
13. Like the Molave by Rafael Zulueta da Costa
14. Montage by O.A. Dimalanta
15. Snail by Tita Lacambra Ayala

M. Understanding Spirituality and the Filipino
1. Is it the Kingfisher- Marjorie Evasco
2. The Distance to Andromeda- Gregorio Briliantes
3. The Typhoon – carlos Aureus
4. Gabu- Carlos Angeles
5. From Himala- Ricky Lee
6. The Warrior- Cristina Hidalgo
7. Faith, Love, Time and Dr. Lazaro by Gregorio Brilliantes

N. Imaging the Filipino Migrant
1. The Sorrow of Distance- Jaime An Lim
2. Confessions of A Green Card Bearer- Fatima Lim
3. The Day The Dancers Came- Bienvenido Santos
4. From Rolling the R’s- R. Zamora Linmark
5. Filipino Amrican Barbie- Ma. Luisa Aguilar Carino
6. The American Nightmare in Conversations on the Literary Narratives of Filipino (Hidalgo, 2003)
7. America is in the Heart by Carlos Bulosan
8. Fruit Stall by Merlinda Bobis
9. Case 2183-9 Angela Cabading, Age 29 by Nadine Sarreal

O. Philippine History Revisted
1. Feeling Revolution as Subjective Freedom- Neferti Xina Tadiar
2. from Killing Time in a Warm Place- Alfred Yuson
3. The Death of Tiyo Samuel – Efren Abueg
4. from El Filibusterismo- Jose Rizal
5. Taking RP- Ambeth Ocampo


1. Food in Philiippine Literature by Dr. Doreen Gamboa Fernandez (1996)
2. Where is the Patis by Carmen Guerero Nakpil (Post-war)
3. Food and Travel. Bangkok. from the Memoirs of My Stomach by Clinton Palanca (2002)

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