Monday, October 6, 2008


Extra Credits

Película, organized by the Instituto Cervantes in Manila, is the yearly showcase of the best of Spanish and Latin American cinema in the Philippines. Its first edition was launched in 2002 and, since then, has been bringing the latest and greatest of Hispanic cinema to the Philippines.

Pelicula will be at Greenbelt 3, Cinema 1

I suggest you arrive ATLEAST AN HOUR OR TWO before the screening of your choice film kasi mahaba ang pila. Buy your tickets (P65/per film) ahead of schedule. Weekends are busy. Those who were at CCP for the Cinemalaya know the ordeal.

Extra credits for those watching any of the following recommended films (only 1 film per student may earn credit):

Maxi thinks his life is perfect. Then,unexpectedly, the children from his sham marriage turn up on his doorstep and ahandsome ex-football player from Argentina moves in next door, making him reevaluate his own morals and values.
Screening Schedule: Oct 11 (Sat) 7PM

Laura returns to the orphanage where she spent the best years of her childhood to discover that it has acquired a haunted, unhappy air. She then sets out to learn what happened at the orphanage after she left, plunging headlong into a netherworld where the dead reach out to the living. Nakakatakot daw to. Masaya pag madami kayo.
Screening Schedule: Oct 9 (Thur) 7PM and Oct 11 (Sat) 930PM

Tim leaves the orphanage he calls home to find out why the stars have disappeared from the sky. He embarks on an exciting journey where he encounters the denizens of Nocturna, a parallel world that comes to life as we lie asleep, with a mission to find Moka, keeper of the night, to plead him to return the stars to the night sky.
Screening Schedule: Oct 11 (Sat) 2PM

EL POLLO, EL PEZ Y EL CANGREJO REAL · THE CHICKEN, THE FISH AND THE KING CRABJesús Almagro was a happy man when he won Spain’s National Award for Best Cook 2007. His next challenge was to compete for the World Championship, the Bocuse d’Or. He thought he was up to the challenge, that preparing was just a matter of time and skills. But he was definitively not ready for what lay ahead.
Screening Schedule: Oct 9 (Thur) 930PM

Screening Schedule: Oct 11 (Sat) 930PM

I will be in campus on October 13 (Monday). I shall entertain complaints, recomputation etc from 2PM to 3PM only. Make sure you bring your tickets for credit.